Thanks for considering Ben for your important vote!

Education: BA Political Science, MA Political Theory, MS Educational Technology, CA Teacher and Administrative Credentials
Experience: 10 + years as a public school teacher, 10 + years as a public school administrator
Oakland Resident: 40 + year resident of Oakland’s District Three
I will be the pragmatic, experienced, and mature voice of reason on the Oakland School Board. The objective of public education is not a vehicle for the implementation of political objectives (or political ambitions). Our objectives should be the health, wellbeing, safety, and education of our children. All of us, regardless of political orientation, should be able to agree on this. There are a lot of great things happening in Oakland’s classrooms (I know, I’ve been there). Let’s share those best practices throughout Oakland’s schools. We’ve had way too many failed attempts at transplanting outside solutions to our uniquely Oakland challenges. Let’s stop the divisive bickering and build a community consensus that focuses on our children and our teachers. 

Kids not Profits - from the California Teacher's Association